GenieACS 1.0.5 released

Zaid Abdulla zaid at
Sat Nov 21 19:16:18 EST 2015


I'm pleased to announce the availability of GenieACS 1.0.5. This is a
maintenance release that brings a few non-critical fixes. Visit for release notes
and downloads. The update is published to npm as well.

As usual, the GUI component (genieacs-gui) has also received its fair
share of fixes, so it's advised that you update that too.

While we're on the subject, I want to share some news about the upcoming
major release. It has been in development for quite a while now and it
is in fact overdue, but I'm glad it's shaping up quite well. Among other
improvements, it is going to address the two most discussed limitations,
namely the need for smarter aliasing mechanism and better handling of
nested object instances in presets. Also worth mentioning is that the
API is going to be backward compatible so your existing scripts or
integration will not require modifications. Stay tuned for more updates

  Zaid Abdulla
  zaid at

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