Huawei HG8245 <FaultCode> 9002

Ivan Revyakin ivan at
Tue Dec 1 07:00:11 EST 2015


I have two devices:

   - Huawei HG8245*H*
   - Huawei HG8245

HG8245*H* works good with GenieACS, but HG8245 does not. HG8245 returns
9002 Code (Fault Code) in the one of replays.
Capture files (*.pcap) for these two devices are here:

   - In "HG8245_fault.pcap" file Fault Code can be found in packet #339.
   - "HG8245H_Ok.pcap" file is good with no errors.

Can anyone help me why HG8245 returns Fault?

The version of HG8245 is V1R006C01S201
The version of HG8245*H* is V3R013C10S108
The version of GenieACS is 1.0 (git clone --branch v1.0)

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