Richard Verbrugge richard.verbrugge at
Tue Feb 24 14:25:10 EST 2015

Can this be done? And how?

Under the configurations would like to perform the following (I'm used to
PHP hence the example):

Set: summary.pppoeusername to: <?php include
phppage.php?serial=[SERIAL]&request=pppoeusername ?>

Set: summary.pppoepassword to: <?php include
phppage.php?serial=[SERIAL]&request=pppoepassword ?>


Php code does the following:


$sn = $_POST['serial'];

$req = $_POST['request'];


#DB connector.#

$qry = "SELECT $req WHERE serial = $sn";

#extract $result from fetched $qry#


echo $result;// (user at domain.tld) or (password)





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