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Fri Jul 3 06:49:40 EDT 2015

Thank you a lot, Dan. Your help is very important for me.

I tried to access to the logs of my Tenda W300D and i found I must 
solder to the PCB and do some other tricks to pick up some info. I 
sniffed with traffic captured in my ACS and sent the logs to Tenda 
Technicians. I will answer you if I know something new about the logs.

That approach you told me is really good. We have a Web-based app in 
Shiny (A module of the R programming language to construct Web Apps) 
that creates automatically configuration files, store them on a web (or 
tftp depending on the router type) server, and when the router connects, 
automatically picks it up from that server via DHCP66. I would like to 
still use this app to make the configuration files and send them (or 
simply commiting changes of objects and creating tags and so on). I've 
seen a good API written by Zaid that I will use.

I have been with troubles trying to change, for example, the WiFi SSID. 
Here I explain the steps I've done:
1) Create a tag named "W300D" in the "Devices" section for the online router
2) Create a preset: Name: "Config", Weight: 20, Precondition: Tag = 
W300D, Configurations: Set 
"InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.SSID" to "Something"
I discovered minutes ago that it works. But in the Task queue appears:
setParameterValues 	2015-07-03T10:51:23.072Z 	2 	Invalid arguments 
Retry <> 
Destroy <>

Only to inform you. Doesn't know if this is bad.

Thank you a lot.

- Sergio Fernández

El 02/07/15 a las 15:55, Dan Morphis escribió:
> A better way of handling this might be to use presets and tags. When a cpe comes online, I set tags like "Routed", "WanPort", "Bridged". Then I have a "Base Config" preset at weight 20 which sets things common to all cpe modes. Next is where the tag specific preset run (Routed, WanPort, Bridged) which adds any objects necessary (wanpppconnection, wanipconnection, wlanconfiguration, etc). Then at the final level I have a preset per device which contains the customers wifi configuration.
> Configuring the PPPoE is done by our custom subscriber management software (Dashboard) and it gets notified to do so via an event went from genie to our software. When Dashboard gets a bootstrap event, it weights until everything is configured on the cpe, and then changes the PPPoE password to a random 12 characters and then does a set parameters to summary,pppoe[Username|Password] with the appropriate values. If you go this route, you will need to use my fork
> The reason for the final step is genie doesn't (yet) support aliases in presets. That's on my list of things to fix and submit a patch for.
> -dan
>> On Jul 2, 2015, at 2:26 AM, Sergio Fernández <sergio.fernandez at> wrote:
>> Thank you, Cas de Reuver
>> Is there any possibilty in the future to implement this option? I was using GenieACS in order to, whenever they factory reset (accidentaly or by a client), the router would autoconfigure to its old state. I am doing this as one part of a Final Project at University. (The other part was DHCP66 autoconfiguration and it's already done) I would highly appreciate any help to finish this project with TR069, yet it's difficult.
>> Maybe I could help with the developer in order to autoconfigure automatically my routers Tenda W300D, or I will have to select another TR069 solution, because I need to finish my Final Project before August...
>> Thank you all.
>> - Sergio Fernández
>>> El 02/07/15 a las 12:02, Cas de Reuver escribió:
>>> Hi Sergio,
>>> Configuration files aren't supported yet.  Only Firmware files are being pushed now.
>>> - Cas de Reuver
>>>> On Donderdag 2 Juli 2015 11.56 CEST, Sergio Fernández<sergio.fernandez at> wrote:
>>>> Another log:
>>>> Started POST "/devices/c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050" for at 2015-07-02 11:55:19 +0200
>>>> Processing by DevicesController#update as HTML
>>>>     Parameters: {"authenticity_token"=>"RNuhzabLuxZAmw//vD6hNm7phMk0ghNZ6X0vwTocKyk=", "commit"=>"[{\"name\":\"download\",\"file\":\"5594fa5ada3ec43a55575a8f\",\"filename\":\"backupsettingsOK.conf\"}]", "id"=>"c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050"}
>>>> 2 Jul 11:55:19 - c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050: Inform (6 CONNECTION REQUEST); retry count 0
>>>> 2 Jul 11:55:19 - c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050: Started task download(55950a8747a4174005908152)
>>>> 2 Jul 11:55:19 - c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050: Completed task download(55950a8747a4174005908152)
>>>> Redirected to
>>>> Completed 302 Found in 511ms (ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)
>>>> Thank you
>>>>> El 02/07/15 a las 11:50, Sergio Fernández escribió:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> I've configured Tenda W300D to be managed by GenieACS. "Reboot" and > "Factory Reset" functions inside GenieACS work. But when I send a > Configuration File to the router, it says it is "downloading" but it > does nothing.
>>>>> In the rails web log it shows:
>>>>> 2 Jul 11:39:47 - c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050: Inform (M Download,7 > TRANSFER COMPLETE,2 PERIODIC); retry count 0
>>>>> 2 Jul 11:39:48 - c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050: Transfer complete
>>>>> 2 Jul 11:39:49 - c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050: Inform (M Download,7 > TRANSFER COMPLETE,2 PERIODIC); retry count 0
>>>>> 2 Jul 11:39:49 - c83a35-96318REF-c83a355bc050: Transfer complete
>>>>> Do you need more logs to know what is going on? Please tell me and I > send them
>>>>> Hope you could help.
>>>>> Thank you.
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