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Zaid Abdulla zaid at
Sun Jul 5 17:24:35 EDT 2015

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015, at 07:29 PM, Dan Morphis wrote:
> I looked over the code between lines 502 and 531, and if I understand
> correctly what is going on at between 510 and 528 is to allow auto-
> upgrading of the firmware of the CPE. Hopefully Ziad can chime in
> here. But on line 529 is where the file gets set as a download task
> for the CPE if no other conditions are matched.

Right. Some CPEs can check for firmware upgrades either automatically or
by presenting an option to the user. That portion of the code checks if
it needs to push a new version by comparing the device current software
version and what's defined in the presets. I suppose it's possible to
implement something similar for configuration files, but it's more
complicated because the config files may not always be versioned. And
not all devices I've came across seem to expose a parameter to indicate
config file version number.

Like you suggested in your other email, presets are the way to go for
static configuration and the API for any dynamic configuration.

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