Presets Preconditions: Internal names

Sergio Fernández sergio.fernandez at
Wed Jul 8 05:18:39 EDT 2015

Hi again!

It is just a suggestion. For me now it's no problem, but it may be an 

When you use the API to set a different precondition than one on the 
wiki page at GitHub, the GenieACS GUI uses internal names for setting 
the configuration preconditions. In the Tenda W300D routers, for 
example, I set a precondition on the Serial Number (Because the MAC in 
these routers is there...). I have been an hour or so searching for the 
name for that precondition (in the Zaid GitHub webpage), as just putting 
"Serial number" didn't work. Finally, I tried to inspect the Webpage 
using the Inspector for Firefox. I found that the real name is 

It would be interesting to add to that wiki page the following 
preconditions' names: (I've done the work for you of getting the actual 

Tag = "_tags"
Last inform = "summary.lastInform"
Serial number = "summary.serialNumber"
Product class = "summary.productClass"
OUI = "summary.oui"
Manufacturer = "summary.manufacturer"
Hardware version = "summary.hardwareVersion"
Software version = "summary.softwareVersion"
MAC = "summary.mac"
IP = "summary.ip"
WLAN SSID = "summary.wlanSsid"
WLAN passphrase = "summary.wlanPassphrase"

It is just a suggestion, so feel free to do it. I don't mind on it, 
because I already know how to get them.

Thank you.

- Sergio Fernández @ Electrónica Martínez

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