Troubles with some routers

Denis Taranushin tda at
Thu Jul 30 01:21:04 EDT 2015

Today I have 3 routers for test in Genieacs:
1. Huaway HG232f (big trouble)
2. D-Link DIR-300 (wrong parsed)
3. D-Link DIR-615 (has no troubles)

1. Genieacs works wrong with Huaway. genieacs doesn't parse respond.
There are a lot of CR in respond from Huaway ( .dump-file):

<Value xsi:type="xsd:string">HG232f-SSID2</Value>
<Value xsi:type="xsd:string">11i</Value>

Unlike the others' responds (there is no newline (CR)):

May it be reason for genieacs parses wrong?

2. If i open Summary there is SSID in "Device parameters" for DIR-300:
InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.SSID DIR-300
it match (for parameters.json):
: {"alias" : "summary.wlanSsid"},

But there is no WLAN SSID printed on "Listing devices"-table.

How maght it be fixed? I can provide .dump-files if it necessary
or... how do i troubleshooting those bugs?

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