CWMP_SSL to true, creation of keypair and it works

Sergio sergio.fernandez at
Wed Aug 3 09:26:06 EDT 2016


I've tried today to enable CWMP SSL in a GenieACS instance.
I followed this guide that tries to 
explain how to accomplish it.

The problem is that it is simply working after settinf config.json to 
CWMP_SSL to true, and creating files cwmp.key and cwmp.crt.
The manual states that is also needed cert.crt and key.key files in 
order for it to work, and also putting the key and the certificate into 
the CPE, but it works anyway.

Then, my question is: What are the cert.crt and key.key files for? For 
what reason the CPE needs the same key and same certificate uploaded?

Thank you!

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