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Hi Dan, 

Thank you for your response. 

Then I understand that all the logic is handled in an external server, that has all the information related to variable data for each CPE and handles all the provision logic based on the events coming from GenieACS. You use GenieACS API to set per CPE specific parameters. 

Is this right? 

If it is, that means I have to build and API that listens to the call from GenieACS and then connects to GenieACS with appropriate calls to create objects, presets, parameters, etc..? 

I think that exceeds my capacity and would need external help to implement that. So while I am considering it, I managed to resolve the first of my blocks by adding a refresh to WANPPP object in the preset, and now, I only need a way to reboot the CPE from a preset. 

Is it that possible? If not too much effort, could you please provide a detailed example considering I have no coding skills or at least the step so I can pass onto a coder without any knowledge of GenieACS? 

Kindest regards, 


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I do this by having genie send all events to my server where I then evaluate what needs to happen with a CPE. In my service, I add/delete objects, set pppoe credentials, etc. My branch is here: 

Search the mailing list for config instructions. 

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Hello everyone, 

I am trying to automate the provisioning flow of our network ONU's. 

I am defining an object for the Internet access WAN. I am setting there non variable parameters (Like connection name, DNS, etc...) 

Then, I am creating a different preset for every ONU with a serial number based condition. 

In that preset, I firstly create the object, and then set some other variable parameters (Like PPPoE user and pass, VLAN, etc...). 

It happens that after a bootstrap, if the object does not exists (I have setup Connection Name as Key) it is created once. So far it is good. 

But then, after creating the object, it seems the rest of parameters in the preset are not set until I do a refresh from GenieACS. The discrepancies are not evaluated on Inform (2 PERIODIC). 

When I do a manual refresh, discrepancies are evaluated and the rest of parameters in the preset are updated. But beyond that, it seems the ONU needs a reboot in order the PPP interface to connect. If I do a manual reboot of the ONU, everything works perfect. 

Could anyone, please, explain how to introduce logic into the workflow so a refresh is executed after object is created and then a ONU reboot is instructed after the preset forces the parameters to be set? 

Thanks in advance, 


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