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Sergio Fernández sergio.fernandez at electronicamartinez.com
Mon Feb 8 12:53:13 EST 2016

Good afternoon! Here I am again.

I've been thinking on this topic again, as we have coming a large batch 
of VDSL routers (In this case, TD-W9970 & TD-W9980).
We would be talking about the GenieACS growing at a 1.000 routers/year, 
more or less. So the "preset per CPE" option should be discarded (Or 
not? Please state this clearly because it can save me a ton of work).

My first question is... *what events does manage akcoder's fork*? In 
order to know the cases which I need to take into account (Boot from 
factory defaults, a simply periodic inform, some other inform... etc). I 
will build a listening socket in a separate server with R programming 
language (because we are doing all this stuff with this language) 
listening for these EVENTS. *How these notifications of akcoder's fork 
work?* I don't know any guide.

So correct me if I am wrong or if my proposal can be improved:

In this future socket R server I am currently running an 
auto-configurator (It synchronizes some databases in order to make a 
PPPoE user for the client up and running, and totally autoconfigures 
some DHCP66-compliant routers). I will add an extra option to 
autoconfigure these VDSL routers. I'm thinking for example that whenever 
someone generates a new PPPoE user with a VDSL router, to add to a CSV 
file (or other format) the MAC of the router and the PPPoE user it 
belongs to. For example, it would add the CPE with MAC AA:11:BB:22:CC:33 
with the client ID 123456 in the same row.

So whenever the socket receives, for example, a boot from factory 
default of this CPE with MAC AA:11:BB:22:CC:33 it will check if it 
exists in that CSV file. If the entry exists, it picks up the PPPoE user 
123456 and connects to the RADIUS server to pick up its PPPoE password 
and other info. After all this computation, the server sends a parameter 
to the GenieACS to configure this CPE with all these parameters.

Other question that I have is... *What if for example do I want to 
change the PPPoE user (or whatever parameter) time after?* Do I need to 
set a preset in order to make this hard-configured to not being 
overriden by a simple reboot of the router? (This has a lot to do on how 
to manage EVENTs)

Thank you!


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