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Wed Mar 9 13:14:55 EST 2016

Hello Zaid,
  I presume the preset scripts will be nodejs scripts? Also, am I reading
it correctly that a preset script can be bound to 1 or more events?


On Sun, Mar 6, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Zaid Abdulla <zaid at genieacs.com> wrote:

> This is long over due, but the foundations of the upcoming release are
> finally in place. I won't go into too much into details here but I just
> want to give some update and let everyone know what to expect. This is
> quite a big change in the inner workings of GenieACS that opens the
> door for even more improvements in the future such as support for
> different database back ends, to name one.
> The version number is going to be v1.1 which means that the API,
> database structure, and configuration files are going to backward
> compatible for the most part. While this is a minor version bump, so
> much has changed under the hood that I will need to implement a few
> shims to maintain API compatibility. Most notable is the abandoning of
> "tasks" in favor of a declarative approach to pushing changes. Support
> for tasks in API will be implemented by a compatibility layer that will
> eventually be deprecated in future releases.
> So here's what's in store for the upcoming release:
> - Virtual parameters: These are user defined parameters that are backed
> by a custom script and are accessible just like regular parameters. The
> script can read and write other parameters so the possibilities are
> endless. You can, for example, implement a virtual parameter for Wifi
> key that will set set the Wifi key or disable authentication if an
> empty string is provided. This can also be useful for working around
> device quirks or to create unified parameters that work seamlessly
> across different device models.
> - Parameter wildcard and aliasing: In scripts and presets, parameter
> paths can include asterisks (*) or key:value filters. Say you want to
> set the username of the one WANPPPConnection that is enabled, you'd use
> a path like this to refer to that particular instance:
> "InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.*.WANConnectionDevice.*.WANPPPConnecti
> on.[ConnectionStatus:Connected].Username". This is somewhat similar to
> the alias-based addressing mechanism as defined in the protocol specs,
> but this is a server side implementation that doesn't require explicit
> support for it from the device. There's also the added bonus of being
> able to use any one (or more) of the sub parameter to define the alias.
> - Scripted presets. Need I say more? :)
> - Time and event based presets: It will be possible to restrict presets
> to certain device events (e.g. bootstrap) or use cron-like expression
> to activate a preset at different times.
> - Fixing some deep-rooted limitations in presets around creation of
> nested object instances.
> I'm targeting mid April for the release. I hope it won't slip much
> later than that. Feel free to experiment with it until then and share
> any thoughts or feedback.
> Zaid
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