GenieACS in

Alexei Pastuchov info at
Wed Mar 16 08:05:33 EDT 2016

Hi all,
I'm working for a cable ISP company in Germany. My company doesn't use any ACS
at all now. But probable will do that soon. Currently the company considers an
comertial ACS and GenieACS.  

Actually GenieACS doesn't match the requirements because lack of NAT-Support.
But it looks like Notification-based Approach (G. )
could be done with justifiable effort and I consider to contribute to the
GenieACS project in this way. I'll gladly support you if you are working on the
solution already.

The  references is an other important topic I was asking in this regard today.
Does any ISP use GenieACS in business production environment already? If so,
which kind of CPE you company uses?

Does some one have any experience with TR-135 CPE (STB) and GenieACS?

With sincere thanks in advance for you answer,

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