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Sat Mar 26 02:43:27 EDT 2016

Hello Sergio,

2016-03-25 22:57 GMT+01:00 Sergio Fernández
<sergio.fernandez at electronicamartinez.com>:
> Hello to all!
> I would like to receive an explanation on objects in GenieACS.
> 1) What is an object?

Object are branches you can add to your configuration tree on the cpe.

> 2) What can it be used for?

This are section which could be exist more than ones on the cpe
(Portforwarding, Users ...)

> 3) What are good practices for using it? If you could, please, tell me with
> some realistic examples.

I have extended my cpe side to add an additional User for all cpes on
our network. (This config branche is not supported by tr069)
You have to add an Object with key->values: On the Preset you can
reference this Object to push it to the cpe.

Genieacs-gui (object)
Object Name: new_user

1. Key->value
username foo

2 Key->value
password xxx

Genieacas-gui (preset)
Select: add new Object
ObjectPath: InternetGatewayDevice.Administration.
ObjectName: new_user

Kind regards


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