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If you’re going to be doing client authentication you should probably do it in apache or nginx and use those as a reverse proxy to genie.

As an aside, that’s the first time I had ever heard of two-way SSL. That’s a complete misnomer, and the marketing person who came up with that phrase should be beaten out back and banned from the industry. The name makes it sound as if SSL only encrypts one side of the communication, which is completely wrong.

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On 10/14/16, 6:00 AM, "Users on behalf of Sergio" <users-bounces at on behalf of sergio.fernandez at> wrote:

>I've found my machine has no Certificate nor CA files, and SSL is 
>working. How is that possible?
>Sergio F.
>El 14/10/16 a las 14:50, Sergio escribió:
>> Hello!
>> I would like to know if GenieACS supports 2-way SSL or if it only 
>> supports 1-way SSL.
>> The differences are explained here: 
>> On another hand, a client wants the "Certificate" and "CA" files. I 
>> know you can enable SSL or disable it under the file 
>> /genieacs/config/config.json but I don't know where are the files used 
>> to certificate our server.
>> Thank you!
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