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Tue Oct 18 17:55:06 EDT 2016

First thing you want to do is get a test server created. Easiest thing to
do is load up virtual box and create a new VM. Install ubuntu server LTS in
there. Then run the script here:

then cd to /opt/genieacs/config and rename all the *-sample.json files to
*.json and edit them with any config you want to do. Do the same thing in
/opt/genieacs-gui/config with *-sample.yml to *.yml and make any config
changes you need.

Then cd to /opt and run: ./ && tmux attach -t genieacs

That will start all the components and attach you to the console so you can
see the logging.

That will get you a basic *TEST* installation running.

Then your next steps will be to really familiarize yourself with Linux and

If you control the DSLAM and the CPE, the more secure way of setting things
up is configure one PVC (if using ATM, or VLAN if doing PTM) for your PPPoE
traffic, this is typically 0/35. Then create another PVC (or VLAN for PTM)
doing IPoE that your management traffic (TR-069) runs on. This prevents
your management traffic from running over the public internet.


On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 1:31 PM, Luciano D'Angelo <dangelo.luci at>

> Hi all,
> I have been asked by my company to look at "Genieacs".
> I would like to understand what are the pieces needed to run this program?
> I read the docs and I know I need to install Nodejs, Redis and MongoDB but
> I don't understand where?
> We don't have linux and I was thinking to use Ubuntu in the clouds(do I
> need the server version?) but I'm not sure if it is going to work?
> Thanks,
> L
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