No PPP Stats in History Table of MongoDB

mark at mark at
Wed Oct 19 10:36:59 EDT 2016

We're not running 1.1, so it's definitely a custom bit that Zaid put in 
for us.

I found what I was looking for in /opt/genieacs/config/parameters.json.  
I added
the WANPPPConnection variants of the WANIPConnection params that Zaid 
had in there.

Now I need to know how to reload GenieACS so that it reads my config 
changes.  I
realizes that is a very basic thing, but I cannot find a simple clear 
answer even after
LOTS of googling around and reading the Wiki.

If you know the command to reload or restart GenieACS, please let me 


On 2016-09-26 14:17, Dan Morphis wrote:
> Thats either a v1.1  (which is still in alpha stage) feature, a
> custom extension Zaid wrote for your environment (or an addon he
> offers to his commercial customers).
> My suggestion is try searching the code for WANIPConnection. I bet
> there is a config file that says which entries to log history for. You
> wouldn't want to keep the entire history for every CPE. Look for a
> history.json file in genieacs/config.
> -dan
> On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 9:27 AM, <mark at> wrote:
>> In the MongoDB for GenieACS there is a History table (I don't know
>> if they're called tables in Mongo, but you get what I mean I hope).
>> Via the API, you can query that history table, and you can use the
>> resulting data to build graphs showing various TR-069 params over
>> time.
>> I actually don't think that Zaid has documented using the API to
>> get History, but I was able to follow his code well enough on his
>> Web UI to replicate that in my own code.
>> So, back to my original point, only WANIPConnection stats are being
>> written to History, and not WANPPPConnection stats.
>> We probably need Zaid to jump in here and speak to this issue.  Or
>> someone else who understands the backend code well enough to figure
>> out why WANPPPConnection stats aren't being saved to History.
>> I don't know the branch, Zaid installed the server for us.  Do you
>> know how I can check that?
>> Thanks
>> On 2016-09-26 10:47, Dan Morphis wrote:
>>> What do you mean "written to the history?" ​Which branch are
>>> you
>>> using?
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