Presets and PortMapping Objects

Zaid Abdulla zaid at
Wed Sep 14 02:54:03 EDT 2016

On Mon, 2016-08-22 at 16:17 +0000, Harry Foster wrote:
> My question to you all, is how are you currently handling presetting
> almost-unique objects to a device? Do we have to create an object for
> each individual port forward, or is it possible to add and
> subsequently set the parameters just with the presets?

Hi Harry,

Not sure if you have this figured out yet. It doesn't look presets can
solve your particular problem, not without some serious patching.
However, many of the limitations in presets are addressed in the next
release so you can experiment with that if you like.

Just realized that I haven't added documentation in the wiki on how to
use the new features in presets! Will add that soon but let me know if
you need a quick example to get you started.

Zaid Abdulla
zaid at

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