Problem rebooting CPE (TR-069 reboot vs reboot button)

guifipedro guifipedro at
Wed Jul 26 16:29:21 EDT 2017

Hi community,

I'm using a preset that triggers a provision.

Sadly, I have a specific CPE model that after applying specific
configuration requires reboot.

When I run this based on doc [1]:

declare("Reboot", { value: now }, { value: now });

seems that the CPE just disconnects and connects again the PPPoE (?)

But If I do a manual reboot using the HTML button [2] on GenieACS GUI
it reboots as expected.

So I need this real reboot functionality but automated in the provision script.

Hope someone knows what's going on


[2] <a id="reboot" href="#" onclick="reboot();return false;">Reboot</a>

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