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Sergio Fernández sergio19932 at gmail.com
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In the release of v1.1.0 we can find this explanation from Zaid:

   - Presets precondition queries no longer support "$or" or other MongoDB
   logical operators.

Source: https://github.com/zaidka/genieacs/releases/tag/v1.1.0

Zaid has given priority to Provisions and I think he removed this
functionality in order to evade security problems.
But when it comes to graphs on Homepage, now I don't exactly know how would
I do what you want to perform in v1.1.

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Ok, so I want to create a couple of graphs on the home tab.  My first is to
show SINR levels at a glance for the connected CPEs.  For ease of
troubleshooting, I removed the “Connected Devices” graph and just used the
following code in graphs.json.erb,


  "SINR" : [


        "label" : "Excellent",

        "color" : "#5e5",

"query" : {"InternetGatewayDevice.SystemConfig.Status.ModemStatus.RSRP" :
{"$gt" : "<%= 24 %>"}}



        "label" : "Good",

        "color" : "#ee5",

"query" : {"InternetGatewayDevice.SystemConfig.Status.ModemStatus.RSRP" :
{"$lt" : "<%= 25 %>", "$gt" : "<%= 19 %>"}}



        "label" : "Poor",

        "color" : "#e55",

"query" : {"InternetGatewayDevice.SystemConfig.Status.ModemStatus.RSRP" :
{"$lt" : "<%= 20 %>"}}




When I apply the code and attempt to access the Home tab, I get the
following error,

undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass

What am I missing?  Is there another file that I need to edit?

Thank you.

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