Fwd: Preset : how should it work ?

Nicolas Grondin grondin.nicolas at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 06:19:03 EST 2015

I plan to use presets to configure CPE.
But i ignore how presets work.

I create 2 generic presets for all my CPE (OUI and Product Classe
preconditions) and 1 preset for individual CPE (Serial Number).
To force the presets to applys in the right order i use tags.

1st-preset :

   - Precondition :
      - OUI = 00E0FC
      - Product Class = HG658 V2
   - Configurations :
      - Add objects
      - Set Values
      - Add Tag  "STAGE1 OK"

2nd-preset :

   - Precondition
      - OUI = 00E0FC
      - Prodcut Class ) HG658 V2
      - Tag = "STAGE1 OK"
   - Configurations:
      - Del Tag "STAGE1 OK"
      - Add objects
      - Add Tag "READY"

Individual-preset-<DevicID> :

   - Precondition :
      - Serial Number = <SN of CPE>
      - Tag = "READY"
   - Configurations :
      - Del Tag "READY"
      - Set Values
      - Add Tag "Provisioned"

When a CPE connects the first time, 1st-preset apply.
When CPE next inform, nothing else happens until i modifiy the 2nd-preset
(edit, no change and save). In the CWMP log file, there's the line
" Presets discrepancy found". and the CPE applys the 2nd-preset.

I succeed to make the CPE applies the Individual preset byt editing and
saving the preset with no change.

How could we have the same behavior without editing and saving the preset
to force presets to be applyied each time the CPE connects to inform the

Or when will the scripting functionality be available ?

Thanks a lot.

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