Zaid Abdulla zaid at genieacs.com
Mon Dec 21 19:25:22 EST 2015

On Mon, Dec 21, 2015, at 03:39 PM, Denis Taranushin wrote:
> Hello
> I have some Huaway HG231f
> And this devices don't connect to ACS. One of them returns code "9005"
> <FaultCode>9005</FaultCode>
> <FaultString>Invalid parameter name</FaultString>
> And doesn't provide any parameters (it provides ConnectionRequestURL, 
> SoftwareVersion, SoftwareVersion and no more).
> But I noticed that sometimes the others return EventCode "CONNECTION 
> <EventStruct>
> <EventCode>6 CONNECTION REQUEST</EventCode>
> <CommandKey/>
> </EventStruct>
> I suppose the devices request connect to provide all their parameters.
> If am I correct?
> How can I send "ConnectionRequest" with genieacs?

Changes you commit using the GUI should trigger a connection request.
But the problem you're facing has nothing to do with that. Do a packet
capture and find out which parameter is causing the fault. My guess is
that the parameter is being reported in GetParameterNamesResponse, but
when the ACS tries to fetch its value it gets the invalid parameter
error you're seeing. In that case you should probably report the issue
to the device manufacturer. As a temp workaround, you can patch GenieACS
to skip the problematic parameters altogether (see function
cpeGetParameterNamesResponse in soap.coffee).


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