An order of presets

Zaid Abdulla zaid at
Sun Feb 8 06:39:39 EST 2015

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015, at 02:11 PM, IR wrote:
> So I think about it. But in this case for the best provisioning algorithm it would be nice to be able to run an external component by the event "CPE is come ACS". 
> Is it posible to trigger system commands by events?

No, not yet. You can perform periodic checks for unprovisioned devices
and push the configuration as soon as they're found. Also, Dan has
implemented a notification mechanism to do just what you're asking for.
Check his fork: He's on this
mailing list so he'll probably be able to answer questions about that.

> Sorry for such questions, but I did not find any documentation of GenieACS project.

There's a wiki ( Please feel
free to contribute to it.


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