Confusion getting started with GenieACS

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Fri Feb 13 16:17:19 EST 2015

Thanks Dan,

It is working now.

The problem actually had to do with the configuration on the CPE and my 
confusion about where find the configuration files.

I am actually running customized CarrierWRT firmware (on top of OpenWRT) 
and I had been attempting to configure the Inform URL using the file 
/usr/share/easycwmp/defaults.  It turns out that my inform configuration 
was actually in the file /etc/config/easycwmp and that it was already 
configured correctly, except that it specified https instead of http and 
had the wrong port number. Changing those did the trick.

On 2/13/2015 3:12 PM, Dan Morphis wrote:
> Robert,
>   You need to open port 7547 for the cwmp module.
> On the CPE, you set the management server URL to http://your_ip:7547/ 
> and enable the client.
> After you apply the settings, the CPE should initiate a connection to 
> the ACS.  If that doesn't happen, check the logs on the CPE.
> -dan
> On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 10:55 AM, Robert.Levene at 
> <Robert.Levene at 
> <mailto:Robert.Levene at>> wrote:
>     I am having trouble getting started with GenieACS and getting any
>     routers or access points to show up in the device list.
>     I have GenieACS installed on an AWS instance and can access the
>     gui at MyGenieAcsUrl:3000 and I have several routers and access
>     points running OpenWRT.  Any help about what to do next to get
>     them to inform to the acs would be appreciated.
>     One detail that I couldn't find a clear answer to on the Wiki that
>     might be related to my problem, is what ports to open in the AWS
>     security group.
>     Rob
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