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Mon Feb 16 02:52:31 EST 2015


I got all the calls I need to work. However, I am using two different
brands of CPEs and call to set a task only works for one of them. If i dump
all the traffic between my script and the acs, it is shown that the
parameters are sent correctly in both cases and the server returns a 202
accepted in both cases as well. However, in the 202 accepted, the server
also returns the parameters for the task. In the case of the CPE that
doesnt work correctly, the server returns an empty JSON string as the
parameter values.

Since the calls are exactly the same, except for the device ID, I assume
that there is either something going on with the devices or with the
server. The devices for which the calls do not work has a "space" character
in the device ID. Could it be possible that this causing the problem?

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