Smartrg 505n issue

Manny Veloso manny.veloso at
Tue Feb 17 12:29:40 EST 2015

Hi Jim,

Can you send a screen shot of the management server page
(management->management server->tr069 Client) in the 505?

Or, just copy the URL, paste it into a browser and see if your browser can
connect. You should get a “method not allowed” or something like that from

Manny Veloso

Sr. Solutions Engineer

On 2/14/15, 12:22 PM, "Jim Maclean" <jmaclean at> wrote:

>Hi there, I have a test setup consisting of two Smartrg 505n modems, one
>local and one remote.  Plus a remote TPLink 8816 modem.  I can't get
>either of the Smartrg modems to connect with GenieACS via the wan
>interfaces.  The local unit will connect via the LAN interface. The 8816
>connected first time and has been stable since so I know the URL &
>server is functioning correctly.  The Smartrg modem log shows the follow
>tr69c:750.371:Connected:1258:ACS Connect Status = 2 Connection to host
>GenieACS URL:7547 failed 146 (Connection refused)²^B
>Has anybody encountered this issue and if so, did you find a solution?
>Also, is there GenieACS log (I couldn't find one) that might provide
>more detail on why the connection was refused?
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