Zyxel VMG8324

Dermot Williams dermot at deadlocked.org
Mon Jul 6 10:56:32 EDT 2015

Hi List,

Does anyone have any experience using the Zyxel VMG8324 - or similar - with

I'm running into a problem with ours whereby the refreshObject task
consistently fails to complete due to the CPE generating a 9002 error
(general fault, if I recall correctly).

My investigation reveals that this is because the CPE reports that it has 8
instances under LANDevice.WLANConfiguration when in fact it only has 4.
When GenieACS requests LANDevice.WLANConfiguration.5.xxxx, the CPE
generates an error and the refreshObject task halts.

I can fix this by downloading the CPE's configuration backup, which is an
XML file that seems to follow the same format as the TR69 data; if I open
it in a text editor and remove all references to WLANConfiguration.5, .6,
.7 and .8 (and their sub-nodes) and then upload the configuration back to
the CPE, refreshObject works fine.

I've flagged this with our supplier and their answer is, basically, 'works
with our test ACS'. And, indeed, the initial parameter refresh seems to
work fine in the old install of NBBS that we have here (which is broken in
other ways, hence I want to move to Genie).

Anyone have any thoughts?


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