How to change device parameters on Huawei HG8245A

miguelet tortosa miguelettortosa at
Thu Jul 16 10:39:57 EDT 2015

Hello and congratulations for this awesome software.

I'm quite newbie with genieacs and I'm having an issue I don't know how to

I have changed some parameters of some openwrt routers successfull whitin
the genieacs web.
For instance, I have changed SSID, SSID_pass, ppp, etc.

However, I'm trying to change some parameters of my Huawei HG8245A but it
only shows me a few "Device parameters" and, moreover, they are not
editable. See image.

[image: image]

Is there any way to change parameters that the router is not showing by

Thank you so much in advance, hope you could help me.
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