How to change device parameters on Huawei HG8245A

Dan Morphis dan at
Thu Jul 16 11:53:22 EDT 2015

I presume your talking about the list of parameters at the top of the page?
Last Inform, Serial, Product Class, OUI, Manufacturer, HW/SW Version, etc?
The list of items that show on the device page can be changed by editing
genieacs-gui/config/summary_parameters.yml. Remember to restart the GUI if
you make changes.

Now as to why its not letting you edit those, when the CPE sends back the
response for GetParameterValues, it indicates if the parameter is writable
or not. The implementation on some CPE's is pure crap (Thomson TG585) and
will say a parameter is writable when its not, and not writable when it is.
Pretty much everything under InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo will be

If you want to add to, or remove the list of summary.* parameters, you will
need to edit genieacs/config/parameters.json.

Here are some of the ones I've added to our genieacs/config/parameters.json

: {"alias" : "summary.wlan.ssid"},
: {"alias" : "summary.wlan.enabled"},
: {"alias" : ""},
: {"alias" : "summary.wlan.possibleChannels"},
: {"alias" : "summary.wlan.passphrase"},
: {"alias" : "summary.wlan.presharedKey"},
: {"alias" : "summary.pppoeUsername"},
: {"alias" : "summary.pppoePassword"}

And in my genieacs-gui/config/parameters.yml:

WLAN SSID: summary.wlan.ssid
WLAN Passphrase: summary.wlan.passphrase
WLAN Enabled: summary.wlan.enabled
WLAN Channel:
PPPoE Username: summary.pppoeUsername
PPPoE Password: summary.pppoePassword

If you want customize the parameters shown on the device list screen
(/devices), edit genieacs-gui/config/index_parameters.yml.

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