Question regarding Vendor Config File

Prashant Upadhyaya praupadhyaya at
Tue Jul 21 06:05:17 EDT 2015


I have a few questions regarding the concept of Vendor Config File in
What does it exactly represent for ACS ?
Is it a snapshot of _all_ the parameters of a CPE at a single place (the
root model supported by CPE as well as vendor specific extensions) ?
How is the lifecycle of this config file managed.
Eg. if the version at CPE and ACS mismatch, then ACS should ask CPE to
download it.
But how would the version typically change at the ACS itself ? Eg. should
the ACS bump up the version everytime the operator changes some CPE
parameter at ACS or is there some different scenario.
Can the version change at CPE automatically and in that case, should the
CPE ask the ACS to upload it.

Basically, if somebody can shed more light on this concept in TR-069 from
their practical experience, that will be great.

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