Query Regarding Firmware Upgrade

Rupam Kumari rupam.kumari at teramatrix.co
Wed Aug 24 06:53:47 EDT 2016

Hi Team,

We are trying to upgrade firmware using API.

   1. First we call the API to upload the file on geniesacs server. File is
   uploaded successfully on server using this API.
   2.  To further push this firmware file we are facing two issues :

   - Which API should be call to push firmware to CPE devices. (Firmware
      file that is  uploaded in first step)
      - We are also trying to push the uploaded firmware file manually
      through genieacs GUI. But this is also not working.
      - Below we have mentioned the logs for your reference. In which it is
      showing file is proceed successfully. but there is nothing changed or
      upgraded in CPE device's firmware.

*Logs :*

* 20 Router%20WR3005N3-0CD2B5516715: Started task
*24 Aug 12:09:25 - 0CD2B5-Wireless%20Router%20WR3005N3-0CD2B5516715:
Completed task download(57bd411a1cf5efe51374b2b3)*
*24 Aug 12:09:27 - 0CD2B5-Wireless%20Router%20WR3005N3-0CD2B5516715: Inform
(7 TRANSFER COMPLETE); retry count 0*
*24 Aug 12:09:27 - 0CD2B5-Wireless%20Router%20WR3005N3-0CD2B5516715:
Transfer complete*

Please help us to resolve the issue. Thank you in advance.

Thanks & Regards,
Rupam kumari
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