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XMPP support would be great, but at this point I’m not sure there’s a vendor that supports it in real life. We should be supporting it this year on the hardware side.
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>Hi all,
>I'm working for a cable ISP company in Germany. My company doesn't use any ACS
>at all now. But probable will do that soon. Currently the company considers an
>comertial ACS and GenieACS.  
>Actually GenieACS doesn't match the requirements because lack of NAT-Support.
>But it looks like Notification-based Approach (G.
> )
>could be done with justifiable effort and I consider to contribute to the
>GenieACS project in this way. I'll gladly support you if you are working on the
>solution already.
>The  references is an other important topic I was asking in this regard today.
>Does any ISP use GenieACS in business production environment already? If so,
>which kind of CPE you company uses?
>Does some one have any experience with TR-135 CPE (STB) and GenieACS?
>With sincere thanks in advance for you answer,
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