No PPP Stats in History Table of MongoDB

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Mon Sep 26 13:27:25 EDT 2016

In the MongoDB for GenieACS there is a History table (I don't know if 
they're called tables in Mongo, but you get what I mean I hope).

Via the API, you can query that history table, and you can use the 
resulting data to build graphs showing various TR-069 params over time.

I actually don't think that Zaid has documented using the API to get 
History, but I was able to follow his code well enough on his Web UI to 
replicate that in my own code.

So, back to my original point, only WANIPConnection stats are being 
written to History, and not WANPPPConnection stats.

We probably need Zaid to jump in here and speak to this issue.  Or 
someone else who understands the backend code well enough to figure out 
why WANPPPConnection stats aren't being saved to History.

I don't know the branch, Zaid installed the server for us.  Do you know 
how I can check that?


On 2016-09-26 10:47, Dan Morphis wrote:
> What do you mean "written to the history?" ​Which branch are you
> using?
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