refreshObject task resets a Vigor 2860L repeatedly

Vaggelis Kapoulas kapoulas at
Tue Jul 4 06:34:44 EDT 2017

Thanks for for looking into this, and for your suggestion. I will try 
with version 1.1.


On 4/7/2017 12:23 μμ, Dan Morphis wrote:
> Also, just because a device works fine with one ACS doesn't mean it's not an issue with the CPE itself. Any number of things can trigger a defect inherent to the CPE.
> Looking at the log you sent, it appears on line 78 genie is asking the CPE for all the root level parameter names then a minute later is the boot inform. The automatic refreshObject task threw me for a loop. It's happening because you are using the old v1.0 branch.
> Please switch to v1.1. V1.1 no longer automatically refreshes the entire device on first inform, but more importantly has script support so you can provision CPEs.
> -dan

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