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Fri Nov 10 06:45:18 EST 2017

Hi friends,

since a few days ago the CWMP service is giving me this error. It turns out
that with this error, the GenieACS does not work well and does not
self-supply the new CPEs. ¿What do you mean by "SyntaxError"?

[ERROR] Uncaught exception; exceptionName="SyntaxError"
pected token u in JSON at position 0" exceptionStack="SyntaxError:
Unexpected token u in JSON at positix
on 0\n    at Object.parse (native)\n    at processInstances
2)\n    at runDeclarations (/opt/genieacs-master/lib/session.js:713:11)\n
  at Object.rpcRequest (/optx
/genieacs-master/lib/session.js:811:11)\n    at nextRpc
(/opt/genieacs-master/lib/cwmp.js:425:18)\n    x
at /opt/genieacs-master/lib/cwmp.js:994:18\n    at
/opt/genieacs-master/lib/session.js:1684:12\n    at x
loadParameters (/opt/genieacs-master/lib/session.js:93:12)\n    at clear
ion.js:1677:10)\n    at /opt/genieacs-master/lib/session.js:1847:16"

Someone knows to that can it be?

In advance, thanks.
Jose Vela
*Técnico de networking routing, switching y GPON networks.*

*"El aprendizaje es experiencia, todo lo demás en información" * *Albert

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