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Ok, but how do I use this in index_parameters.yml to display it in the device list?


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VirtualParameters.pppoeUsername: username_link


When the GUI renders that vParam, it will call the function named 'username_link'



def username_link(val)

  username = val.sub(/\@broadband/, '')

  if username != 'UNKNOWN'

    "<a href=\"#{Rails.configuration.dashboard_base_url}/Broadband/Customer/Account/#{username}\" target=\"_blank\">#{username}</a>"




This turns the username into a clickable URL that links to our subscriber management software



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I am trying to get a handle on how to use the parameter_renderer.yml, using the sample with the uptime.  I see how the script and everything works, however, I have not found how to use it in my parameters.json to display in Index or summary?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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