Upgrade procedure from v1.0 to v1.1

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Yes it does.  Thank you.  


On a side note, for a fresh install, would you recommend Debian or Ubuntu?  I ask because I was attempting to install it on Ubuntu using one of the install guides, but have been running into several issues.  I wasn’t sure if it was an Ubuntu thing, or perhaps I’m just not great at following instructions…


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Because v1.1 is so different from v1.0 in how CPEs are provisioned we didn’t upgrade v1 to 1.1. 


Instead I wrote all our provisioning scripts for 1.1 and we started with a clean db instance. Then we blocked out a 4 hour window where no new CPEs would brought online. And all CPEs that informed during that window were presumed to be already provisioned as so I ran a special provisioning script that set the tags we use to mark a CPE as provisioned. Make sense?


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Is there any documentation or best practices for upgrading GenieACS from v1.0 to v1.1?


Thank you

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