External Script Problems

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Wed Sep 12 06:03:01 EDT 2018


I currently have v1.1.1 of GenieACS installed and I am trying to configure
an external script very similar to the example here:


I first started with the example of Extensions (
https://github.com/genieacs/genieacs/wiki/Extensions) to understand how
they worked but found something strange.

The first time that the provision calls the external script the variable "
*response*" gets the values that are written in the external script (*username:
"cpe" *and *password: serial*). But now if I want to modify one of those
values (*username: "new_cpe_name" *and *password: serial*), the variable "
*response*" doesn't seem to call the external script again. It keeps saying
that username = "cpe".

The only way that I have found of getting the provision to get the updated
values from the external script is to restart the whole genieacs service.

Does anyone know if this is a known problem or is something that has been
updated in v1.1.2?
Or is it just something by design?

Thank you,
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