External Script Problems

Takim takimp at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 06:43:35 EDT 2018

You have to restart the acs to apply the changes. 
  On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 17:03, Malto 4<andr0idmalto4 at gmail.com> wrote:   Hello, 
I currently have v1.1.1 of GenieACS installed and I am trying to configure an external script very similar to the example here:

I first started with the example of Extensions (https://github.com/genieacs/genieacs/wiki/Extensions) to understand how they worked but found something strange. 
The first time that the provision calls the external script the variable "response" gets the values that are written in the external script (username: "cpe" and password: serial). But now if I want to modify one of those values (username: "new_cpe_name" and password: serial), the variable "response" doesn't seem to call the external script again. It keeps saying that username = "cpe".
The only way that I have found of getting the provision to get the updated values from the external script is to restart the whole genieacs service.
Does anyone know if this is a known problem or is something that has been updated in v1.1.2?Or is it just something by design?
Thank you,-James_______________________________________________
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