Mac Adress not showing

Martin Neufeld gn0000raisersystem at
Mon Feb 4 14:49:58 EST 2019

Good afternoon, after a while of reading documents here and trying updating
the modem parameters between other things. I have two issues, but I will
address only one in this mail first. To keep order.

My main issue is that no matter how much I try and how many times I update
parameters and try the stuff I read around, I get no mac address shown on
the field. I have a small network and for such testing purposes I gave the
device a IP address which shows on the graphic interface, but no mac
address. What is it that I could be doing wrong?

However if I get into the device tab on the graphic interface of genie acs.
Right on top it says "Device: " and it shows part of the mac address.I get
serial number OUI and all. Its just that on the main screen where devices
are listed, no device shows up MAC address on the list. I have tried
several modems, ZTE, TPLink being the main ones as they are the ones I use,
but I also borrowed a friend's link-sis, which has the same issue.
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