Object instance state out of sync between Genie and CPE

Manny Veloso manny.veloso at smartrg.com
Wed Feb 4 12:59:37 EST 2015

Actually, I was interested in how you¹re doing that. In the ACS we have
(CPH) there are still issues related to ³what settings to push down to a
device on a factory reset.² The product has evolved to just pushing down
WiFi, Port Forwards, and PPP, but those are configured on a per-provider
basisŠwith the caveat that if the settings in the ACS are old, the
settings on the device will be old. For PPP creds it¹s not a big deal
since those aren¹t user-changeable usually.

If anyone¹s used another ACS, it¹d be interesting to hear how they handle
the factory default case. You¹re right, there¹s no reason to push

Manny Veloso

Sr. Solutions Engineer

On 2/3/15, 4:04 PM, "Zaid Abdulla" <zaid at genieacs.com> wrote:

>On Tue, Feb 3, 2015, at 11:21 PM, Manny Veloso wrote:
>> Well actually, it depends. It sounds like GenieACS isn¹t supposed to
>>reconfigure the device into its previous state if the device is
>>defaulted. That means that the SSID, passphrase, port forwards, ppp
>>username/pw, basically any changes  off the default
> config are gone.
>> Presets wouldn¹t work for dynamic data.
>Manny, you're right that presets don't work for dynamic data, but that's
>a software limitation that can and (hopefully soon) will be improved.
>There's a few ideas I'm considering such as completely scriptable
>presets or dynamic values similar to formulas in Excel.
>I understand your point that the ACS will not be able to restore
>previous configuration if the device was reset. This is a valid point,
>but it's not trivial to implement because you can never assume you'll be
>getting the exact same data model (e.g. different object instance
>indices or order). Additionally, restoring all parameters exactly as
>they were defeats the purpose of factory reset. With dynamic presets, it
>will be possible to restore certain explicitly defined parameters after
>the device is defaulted.
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