refreshObject task resets a Vigor 2860L repeatedly

Vaggelis Kapoulas kapoulas at
Tue Jul 4 04:41:51 EDT 2017


I face a problem with a Vigor 2860L that reboots after is it connects to 
a genieacs server, that I have setup

The CPE shows in the list of devices, and immediately afterwards a 
refreshObject task, that is automatically inserted in the tasks, causes 
the CPE to reset.

This task remains in the list (probably because it got no reply, and is 
considered unfinished).

Once the CPE reboots it sends a new inform (BOOT and VALUE CHANGE, as it 
now has a different IP address), the task refreshObject is retried, and 
this results again in the CPE rebooting. This goes on and on for ever, 
if left uninterrupted.

If I destroy the queued task(s), then the CPE remains stable, but I 
cannot do anything, as any action triggers a new task that causes the 
CPE to reboot.

Looking at the debug info I see no obvious cause of the error. The 
relevant dump is at

I have searched the archives and the web for any relevant clue but have 
found nothing so far.

The CPE was working fine with another TR-069 server (for which I had a 
test license that expeired). So I tend to rule out problems with the CPE 

I would appreciate any insight into what may be causing this.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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