Refreshing Parameter Values

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I'm having a problem refreshing values. I have a Preset which runs at every
2 PERIODIC Inform event to try and update some values of parameters. I know
that to update a specific value I can use the following code:

{value: now});

Using {value: 1} in the case that I always want the parameter to refresh
and {value: now} only if the value has changed (From what I understand).

But now if I want to refresh a whole Object Instance, when I use:

declare("InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer", {value: now});

it updates the data model but doesn't refresh the parameter values. The
only way I can update the object values is with the Refresh button that
appears next to the Parameter in the GUI.

Can anyone tell me how I can update all the ParameterNames AND
ParameterValues of a specific Object with Provisions?

Thank you and sorry if anything is poorly explained.
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