Firmware upgrade provision "File extension check unacceptable"

Dan Morphis dan at
Thu Feb 21 11:58:38 EST 2019

The second path parameter tells Genie how many instances with that filter
should exist in the data model. I.e., doing
null, {path: 0}) would remove all port mapping entries for that path.

Having two path parameters for the "1 Firmware Upgrade Image" type seems
odd, but probably works because the value: makes it so the last
one "wins."


On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 1:41 AM Jackson Sparkle <Jack at> wrote:

> I looked at the logs and can see that if I send the firmware through the
> provision, the filename is "undefined".
> In the meantime I found a workaround in the mailing list.
> I changed in the provision:
> declare("Downloads.[FileType:1 Firmware Upgrade Image]", {path: 1}, {path:
> 1});
> to
> declare("Downloads.[FileType:1 Firmware Upgrade Image]", {path: 1}, {path:
> 2});
> now it works.
> Is there a reason for that? What is the "path: 2" doing?
> Run genieacs cwmp in debug mode and look at the log file in
>> genieacs/debug/acs_id.log  Then grep for the filename and see what is
>> different between when the file is pushed via the GUI and via your
>> provisioning script.
>> -dan
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