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Fri Jan 18 19:14:29 EST 2019

On Fri, 2019-01-18 at 15:50 +0000, jmcnab at wrote:
> Have you considered just using the projects existing Github issues
> for this purpose? I’ve always been confused by the split between bug
> reports on github and everything else here, when many projects simply
> use GitHub for both. You need to inplement a bit of structure in
> terms of labels and issue templates but could this be a viable
> alternative and keep everything simple and in one obvious place?

Github issues are tied to the repo and oftentimes users don't know
whether a given problem they're facing is related to genieacs or
genieacs-gui. And some discussions don't belong to either repo (e.g.
help getting started). Also a Github issue should eventually be closed
but I doubt many will bother closing the issue after they get the help
they need.

I see Github issues as a way for one to contribute to the project by
reporting software issues and rough edges. My simple rule of thumb is
if you don't expect a thank you, then it probably doesn't belong there.

I have actually been considering closing Gthub issues altogether. Many
people seem to get confused by the mailing list and prefer to seek help
by opening a Github issue. The vast majority of the issues there don't
constitute valid bug reports and Dan has been ruthlessly closing those
:) With a forum, my hope is that people will naturally prefer it over
Github issues.

Zaid Abdulla <zaid at>

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