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Sat Jan 19 22:09:56 EST 2019

On Sat, 2019-01-19 at 13:34 -0900, Dan Morphis wrote:
> There is a ton of documentation on the wiki. I’ve shared several
> scripts, enhanced the documentation, etc. When I have a problem and
> can’t figure out how to solve it from reading the docs on the wiki, I
> always circle back around and update the documentation when I figure
> out a solution.
> In fact, almost every issue I see come up in either GH or the mailing
> list is from people not reading the docs for either genie, or the TR-
> 069 (and related) docs.

I think what's missing is structure. There's a decent amount of
documentation scattered around but there's no well structured guide for
new users to go through. For example, the fact that Genie doesn't fetch
all device parameters by default may be confusing for a new user. They
can't tell if it's an bug in Genie, a misconfiguration, or a client
issue. I'm sure it's mentioned in the wiki somewhere but that isn't
good enough.

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